An organization devoted for the development of culture and sports among young women in Somaliland

Monday, June 23, 2003

Where it all started

In August 2001, SOCSA surveyed the State House community to identify the educational needs of the area and found that there was an immediate need for basic education, especially amongst girls and female youth. SOCSA met with the community elders, the Ministry of Education, Director General and the REO and gained their approval and support for a non formal education program. SOCSA operates a basic education program where students learn Somali, math and English. The program currently involves approximately 90 females aged 7-30 years.

Because the SOCSA center is contained within a small walled compound it is able to provide opportunities for girls' physical education and recreation. SOCSA trains girls in volleyball, table tennis and basketball. It also organizes regular tournaments for girls in these sports. Participants enjoy the change to meet regularly with others, train and compete as a team and improve their physical fitness. The sports program currently involves approximately 30 girls aged 13-19 years.

SOCSA also works to promote gender equality and is actively involved in working with other LNGOs and International non-government organizations in this area. SOCSA's work is based on the belief that opportunities for education, recreation and employment should be available to all members of the community in a fair and just manner. SOCSA participates fully in meetings and workshops to support equal access for all.

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